e-mail svindel – konto hacket

Ny e-mail svindel hvor man modtager en mail fra sig selv om at kontoen er blevet hacket er svindel og skal bare slettes. E-mail teksten lyder:

This account is hacked! Change the pswd this time!

You might not know anything about me and you really are most likely surprised for what reason you are receiving this letter, is it right?

I am ahacker who burstyour emailand OSnot so long ago.

It will be a time wasting to try out to talk to me or seek for me, it is definitely impossible, since I directed you a letter using YOUR account that I’ve hacked.

I’ve installed spyware on the adult vids (porno) website and suppose you spent time on this website to have fun (you realize what I mean).

While you have been keeping an eye on films, your browser started out functioning like a RDP (Remote Control) having a keylogger that provided me ability to access your screen and camera.

After that, my programstoleall information.

You entered passwords on the online resources you visited, and I caught them.

Surely, it’s possible to change each of them, or perhaps already changed them.

But it really does not matter, my app renews needed data regularly.

What I have done?

I generated a backup of your device. Of all files and each contact.

I got a dual-screen video. The 1st section displays the clip you were observing (you have a very good taste, wow…), and the second screen demonstrates the recording from your own camera.

What actually must you do?

Clearly, in my opinion, 1000 USD will be a inexpensive amount of money for this small secret. You will make the deposit by bitcoins (in case you don’t understand this, search “how to purchase bitcoin” in Google).

My bitcoin wallet address:


(It is cAsE sensitive, so just copy and paste it).


You will have 48 hours to make the payment. (I have an unique pixel in this message, and at this time I understand that you’ve read through this email).

To monitorthe reading of a messageand the actionsinside it, I utilizea Facebook pixel. Thanks to them. (Anything thatis usedfor the authorities may helpus.)

In case I fail to get bitcoins, I shall immediately send your videofile to each of your contacts, including relatives, colleagues, and so forth?

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